Thinking about joining?

Skaters looking to get more serious in the sport are encouraged to become members of U.S. Figure Skating by joining our club!

Although one can join U.S. Figure Skating as an individual member without joining a club, being part of the club allows for a lot more benefits that include social events to build a community within our sport. Be sure to read over the extensive benefits that membership affords you! Generally speaking, if a skater is considering joining the club they should also start private lessons with a coach to prepare the skater for competitions and tests. Basic Skills memberships are for beginners who are not ready to start their U.S. Figure Skating Tests yet. The first U.S. Figure Skating test is usually taken when the skater is at approximately Freeskate 4 level. Once skaters are at the level to begin testing, they must switch over to a Full Membership level. Reach out to a club official if you have any questions!

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