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Benefits of Membership

Club Ice – A good place to get to know other Club members is at Club ice, a key benefit for our Junior and Senior Club members at no additional cost!  Check the home page for club ice dates.  Most sessions are open skating format but some sessions will be used for exhibitions, games, and parties. This is at the club’s discretion. Bridging Members are invited to the first club ice of the each month to skate as a benefit to their membership and to acquaint them with other club members.

Social Events – including annual Halloween party and December’s annual gift exchange holiday party. College send off party, end of school and back to school socials. Competitor send-off parties and exhibitions for Southwestern Regionals, Midwestern Sectionals, Junior Nationals, US Nationals, and Adult Nationals competitions. Others as fundraising allow.

Test Sessions – 6 test sessions are offered throughout the year. Our popular test sessions afford skaters the opportunity to test when ready so goals are achieved in a timely and uninterrupted manner.

Skater Development – Guest Skating Coaches, IJS Spins Scoring, Moves in the Field, Jump and Spin, Dress for Success, and Developing a Winning Attitude are examples of seminars that have been offered in the past. We are looking for ideas for the upcoming year for the skaters. Contact president@texasgulfcoastfsc.org.

Full Membership in US Figure Skating – includes and an annual subscription to the award-winning SKATING magazine.

Financial Stipends – Financial assistance to eligible Junior and Senior Full Home Club member skaters who compete in qualifying competitions. This is based annually on the financial strength of TGCFSC. For additional information please refer to the Guidelines for Skater Stipends.

Critiques of Skating Programs – National and International Competition Judges are brought in to evaluate skater’s programs. In addition to competition-level scoring, these critiques include a private discussion among skater, judge, and coach.

Competitions – Our Club hosts Sugar Skate in late March/early April. a basic skills competition with early season critiques for the upper-level skaters and  Skate Houston over Labor day weekend, a chance to polish and refine programs for Southwestern Regionals in early October.

Club Directory – A convenient reference source for addresses and telephone numbers of Club members, annual event calendar and our Club Constitution and Bylaws.

Club Jacket and Other Club Spirit Items and Wearables – Our Club jacket with unique Club logo and specially designed are available at cost to our club members to encourage them to show Club spirit.


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