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About Us

Texas Gulf Coast Figure Skating Club (TGCFSC), a 501(c) corporation, is headquartered at Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center in Sugar Land, Texas (suburb of Houston). The club’s mission is to encourage the instruction, practice, and advancement of its members in all types of figure skating; to cultivate camaraderie among all ice skaters; to educate and inform all persons, particularly the youth of the Texas Gulf Coast area, regarding figure skating in all its forms, with emphasis on its pleasures, healthful aspects, and value as an activity which contributes to developing fitness and character in youth; to promote the standards of proficiency in skating of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA); to participate and assist in the sponsorship of amateur competitions, exhibitions, and shows, and to assist and support club members in training for, traveling to, and participation in USFSA Regional, Sectional, and National Championships and other competitions sanctioned in accordance with USFSA rules.


Position Current Officer Email
Acting President Kelly Otero president@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
VP Membership Michelle Virata membership@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
VP Testing David Rogers testing@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Treasurer Dani Herrera treasurer@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Secretary Kelly Otero secretary@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
SafeSport Commpliance Patrick Otero safesport@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Sanctions/Events Jennifer Simon sanctionevents@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Hospitality Lisa Helwig hospitality@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Club Ice Chair Lauri Verhalen clubice@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Coaches Rep Kitty Carruthers Conrad coachesrep@texasgulfcoastfsc.org
Social Media Tevin Lionel communications@texasgulfcoastfsc.org

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